A house with a past steeped in history!

Tischlerwirt or back then referred to as “Tafern am Anger” was in 1779 already included in the manorial system of the Church Uttendorf in Pinzgau. For the courtyards awarded for the landlords to teach, certain legal forms like serfdom and the tithe already existet. With the revolution of 1848 came the end of serfdom and the farmers thus had the opportunity to buy the borrowed farm.
Many different owners were recorded. The first noted in writing, Hanns Fyxl, as early as 1498. The name Tischlerwirt was first mentioned in 1737.

During the large village fire in 1873, the Tischlerwirt completely burned down, including the attached house.
Josef Altenberg acquired the Tischlerwirt in 1912. Since that time, the farm is owned by the Altenberg family.
In addition, the post office was located in the tavern building, which is why it was also temporarily called “Gasthaus zur alten Post”. This name, however, was changed back to its original name “Tischlerwirt” after about 90 years and has been used ever since .


The Anthony Chapel at Tischlerwirt

One story is told, that once upon a time, a farmer from Sonnberg lost a horse and it was nowhere to be found. A Noric horse had a tremendous value at that time. The farmer obviously had great faith in St. Anthony of Padua, because he asked the carpenter host if he could place a small chapel dedicated to the saint on his property on the street, if St. Anthony helps him find his horse. And indeed, the horse was found and the chapel was built.

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Guesthouse to the old post office around the year 1930, a simple inn with a gas station